I’ve been a way.

How bad can a blogger be? How many I’m sorry’s can someone write to their nothing followers.

Well, for those of you who will eventually read or will eventually believe me; I’m sorry. Two years is a long time to apologize for, but it needs to be acknowledged that I have been rude for so long, and for that I am sorry.
Truth be told, I had nothing good to say.

Nothing meaningful, nothing worth sharing.
Sure I’ve had lovers, quarrels, friends, events to attend and so on.

I got caught up in everything I didn’t love. Everything that wasn’t right for me. And as much as I would like to lay it out for the world, all you decisions and thoughts and emotions, there is no point because that time has passed and all I can be is optimistic and recognize that I am a Titan, not one to be messed with.



It scares me,
how well you know me.
The reasons why I do
What. I. Do.
I’m not as stupid as you think.

Tea Obsessed: Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait


Strawberry Rhubarb ParfaI have only had Strawberry Rhubarb Pie a few times, we serve it at a restaurant I work at and it always smells divine after microwaving it for a couple of seconds. This caffeine free fruit infused tea from David’s tea is delicious and not overwhelming. With a 1.5:1 ratio and after being steeped for 5-7 minutes the taste of strawberry and hibiscus is strong but levelled out with hint of creaminess which come from the yogurt bits (so yes, this tea already contains milk). 


I feel as though the tea would go well in the mornings, it’s a light and refreshing morning treat. The best comparison would be waking up and taking a bite out of a juicy apple or strawberry but instead this is in a tea form… my mouth is watering. I suggest that everyone tries this tea cold with a teaspoon of cane sugar, it’ll be the best thing you’ve had on a hot summers day or after a good sweat at the gym. 

For 50 grams of this tea it will cost your $6.75. For more information, feel free to visit davidstea.com to find out more about their tea and tea products. I’m becoming a true fan. 


Home Sweet Home: I Learned the Hard Way

My boyfriend recently moved in with me. This isn’t a decision that my family would take lightly; as a child I was always told that boys and girls don’t live together until they are married, that’s the way it has happened with all of my sibling and my cousins, that’s the way it was supposed to happen with me.

Dan and I spent our nights together and many of our days, even though we both have more than one job.

People considered us living together and so did we. To help me save money and to move out of his parents house we decided it would be best if we lived together. My dad agreed because he felt that I’d be safer and my sister agreed because she loves Dan, despite the many things they disagree on.

With our stuff combined we figured that we would have enough stuff and wouldn’t have to spend money things other than groceries. Unfortunately, we learned that moving into any place or living with anyone comes with initial costs. You have to buy paper towels, agree on cleaning products, where things go and the list goes on…. Not to mention that Dan’s a vegan and I love cheese sauce.

I strongly suggest to anybody planning on moving, starting fresh in their new place or consolidating assets with a partner…. that you put away some money. I’m assuming that it’ll take you some time to make the decision to move in with someone, suggest that you each save $5 a week = $20 a month. For twenty dollars I’ll show you what you can get:

$20 DollaramaFrom Dollarama you can get a pasta holder, 2 baking pans, a whisk, paper towel holder, 4 hand towels, garbage bags, parchment paper and a dish washer. Because we bake and create a lot of dishes and mess, these were essentials; it shows how much good quality (for $2) you can get.

$20 Home DepotFor $20 at Home Depot we stopped the bed from moving on the hardwood floors, we hung frames and mirrors, lit our counter tops and prevented our furniture from scratching the floors.

By saving some money every month we would have saved the initial blow of having to spend this money. As much as you may not want to spend the money, they are necessities and it’s easy to prepare for them no matter your relationship status.



Tea Obsessed: Apple Lemon Pomegranate

Lately,  I have become obsessed with drinking tea. Maybe it is because I bought a set of twelve teas from David’s Tea or maybe it was because my boyfriend moved in with plenty of accoutrements that I could never just let go to waste. With a new box of twelve teas and a new found desire to become a loose leaf tea drinker, I begin my review for you, my world.

Although I don’t consider myself to be an expert, hopefully my original take and taste on the tea will encourage you to dip your toes into the loose leaf world of tea.

Apple Lemon Pom

 My first review is “Apple Lemon Pomegranate” from Teavana. Per cup it is suggested to have 1.5 teaspoons of loose leaf tea for every cup of tea you are making, I’ll refer to it as a ratio: 1.5:1. As you continue to drink tea you can adjust from the suggest amount depending if you desire a stronger tea or a weaker one. I usually always add a teaspoon of cane sugar or a dollop of honey, but keep in mind, different additives can change the flavour of the tea significantly. This is a rooibos tea, so if you steep it a little longer than strongly suggested it won’t taste bitter. Apple Lemon Pomegranate served warm should steep for 5ish minutes, served cold or chilled the steep time raises from 8-15 minutes. 

If you are like me and like to have sweeter teas, this one is for you. Not only is it a smooth drinking tea but it has lemongrass and whole cardamum which adds a zesty warmth to the tea. This tea is refreshing both warm and cold and by adding a teaspoon of cane sugar I found that it helped bring out the pomegranate flavour in the tea.


My Secret: Concert Makeup

Recently, well last night, my sister and I went to the Bruno Mars concert. It was amazing. I’m in love with Bruno Mars and I plan to be Mrs. Mars soon. 

Needless to say, the concert was packed. However I didn’t expect to be sweating so much. We had floor seats and with a lively concert like that, I’ve never cried, jumped and obviously sweat so much in my life. I promise you that. 

My sister, not as big of a fan as I was also dancing, maybe not like a maniac, but she was having a ball. We were amazed that our makeup held up so well! And after a few concerts in the past month, I definitely have some lovely secrets to share with you

First, you’re most likely going to be taking a lot of photos of you and whomever attends the concert with you, so I suggest that you don’t wear any powder on your face because it can make you look pale with a flash on. And not a nice porcelain colour. 

Second, skip the foundation. I don’t wear foundation often, but I have been wearing it more frequently. A concert is not the time to have makeup smearing all over your face because you’re too hot. If you do want coverup use a BB cream or a tinted moisturizer. 

Third, prime your eyes. I prime my eyes with Revlon’s eye brightener & primer, which I’m going to be doing a review on later this week. It’ll keep your concealer from creasing and your eyeliner from smudging. I always apply it under my eyes (where my dark circles are), the corners of my eyes and my eye lids. 

Fourth, if you choose to wear eyeliner, I suggest a cream or gel eyeliner. Now, you may think that they are way more likely to run than a liquid eyeliner, however, if you set the gel eyeliner with black eyeshadow and a small pencil brush – it’ll stay on forever. 

Fifth, make it waterproof. If it comes in waterproof, use it. I only use waterproof eyeliner ever because I hate when mascara comes off of eyelashes or it flakes. Waterproof mascara won’t flake and clump up. The best mascara I suggest is Maybellines One by One, it’s in a pink tube. 

With the hot weather of the summer just starting and the many festivals and shows that are popping up, you’ll be happy that I shared these little secrets with you. 


Review: Kate Moss Lipstick, Rimmel (109)

Hey everybody! I’m not sure if you know, but I have become obsessed with lipsticks lately. I ranted and raved about the Kate Moss Long Lasting Lipstick 111, which is a deep red. It was my first lipstick and I love it.

So! On a recent trip back home, I decided to hit up the local Target and buy lipsticks. I went with the attention to get a bright colour, a wine colour and a plum colour. I went straight to Rimmel because I loved how the lipstick by Kate Moss was matte and the price is pretty fair ($6).


Although the colour pay off is great, it is long lasting and quite creamy when you apply it, I did find one major flaw.

It’s drying. It dries my lips out to the point where I feel like my lips are almost granulated directly after I apply the lipstick. I have also tried moisturizing directly before applying the lipstick, but that doesn’t help. It somehow manages to ball up on my lips and just make my face feel instantly pasty.

I’ll keep wearing the lipstick because I do enjoy the colour especially for the summer season, but I won’t be wearing it out to an event where I’d have to reapply. I don’t like the feeling of caking on the creamy matte lipstick.